What is Tofu?

Tofu is solid that is made from condensed soy milk, and it is native to Asia. It is a very popular food that you must have seen in movies or heard about from your friends and family, even if you have had no encounter with this food. Tofu is very high in protein, which is why it is popular among vegetarians; instead of meat and fish, this food serves as their main source of protein. It shouldn’t be food for vegetarians; however, it is something that should be taken by everybody because it is plant-based and highly nutritious. If you have never tasted tofu before, this article will give you an idea about what tofu really tastes like.

What does Tofu taste like?

Tofu is simply coagulated protein, and in reality, it should have a bland taste. There are certain things that will, however, influence what tofu tastes like. These determining factors are:

  • Type of tofu
  • How it is cooked
  • Your sensitivity to taste

Type of Tofu

Tofu generally has a bland taste, regardless of the type. The only thing that these different types of tofu have is different textures. So even though tofu generally has a bland taste, these different types of tofu with different textures will affect how you will perceive that taste.

Firm tofu

This is arguably the most popular type of tofu, and it is one of the types that are very suitable for frying. Firm tofu has a sort of earthy flavor, but like most types of tofu, it will absorb the taste of other ingredients used to cook it.

Soft tofu

This type of tofu is always eaten fresh. Just as the name implies, it is very soft and kind of creamy. It is usually combined with other sweet food, and it is commonly used for dessert. This kind of tofu will most likely take the taste of the other dishes it is taken with.

Silken tofu

This is not as soft as soft tofu but is still a little soft. This tofu is popularly used in soups, and it is also used to concentrate the taste of other foods.

Smelly tofu

This is the only type of tofu that has a distinct flavor on its own. It has a strong smell and also a fermented taste that some people like.

Porous tofu

This type of tofu doesn’t have a taste on its own, and it can soak up the flavor and taste of other food it is cooked with. It is commonly used in broths.

How it is cooked

Going by this factor, it is possible to make your tofu taste anyhow you want it to taste like. How tofu is prepared is the most critical factor that will influence the taste, texture, and flavor of what you will get finally. Simply put, tofu will taste like the ingredients used in cooking it or like the other foods it is cooked with.

Sensitivity to taste

Five taste senses are present on the tongue; sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and glutamates. Tofu in the real sense is tasteless unless you are sensitive to glutamates. If you are sensitive to glutamates, you may experience some taste whenever you take tofu, and it most likely won’t be a nice taste.

How to get the best taste out of tofu

When cooking tofu, you should have it in mind that the most important thing is what you cook it with; this is the most important factor that will eventually influence taste. On its own, tofu is almost tasteless, unless you are sensitive to glutamate, you should not experience any eat just tofu. To get the best taste from tofu, you should either season or marinate it with flavors that you like. Follow the steps below if you want to give the tofu that particular taste and flavor you like.


When you drain tofu properly, especially firm tofu, it will be easier for the seasoning to get in and stay in the tofu, making sure that you get that particular taste and flavor you have in mind.

Cut the tofu thinly

When you cut your tofu too thick, it becomes very hard for the seasoning to get to the middle, and what you will end up with is the outer part of the tofu having a taste, but the inner part will remain bland. To ensure that the seasoning gets to all chunks of the tofu, try always to cut it thinly.


You must have had a particular or flavor in mind before you start cooking; this will determine the type of seasoning you will use. Add sufficient salt, pepper, paprika, and any other type of seasoning that will give your tofu that taste that you have in mind.

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